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For context, both my and my girlfriend are in our 20s and after six months I just recently realized that our relationship is very much MD/LG. I call her mommy a lot, and she refers to herself as my mommy pretty frequently. There is also a power exchange between me and her. Also, while I was a little shameful before she insisted on it, she does take a lot of the responsibility for me. She maintains that she doesn't want me to worry about financial stuff or even working.

Even through all of this, I only realized after I asked her "If I'm allowed to suckle mommy's breasts".

After figuring this out I am kinda curious about something else - I don't really age regress. Like, I've been described as both very childish and very mature at the same time, and while I do like certain things like keeping plushies for comfort, having an affinity for cutesy stuff in general, and enjoying suckling I don't see myself as mentally younger than what I already am - just that I enjoy a few typically childish things even as an adult.

I do still feel like I'm a little but I'm not really sure if that's right since I don't really age regress.
You do not need to have regressive experiences or become immersed in feeling childlike to be a Little. Most Littles do not have experiences that are inflated in stories.

It is a personality type, not an experience.
that's a good point. I think the thing is that I definitely feel like a little, but why is a little beyond me. Like there's things like nicknames, and the power dynamic between me and my girlfriend but there's definitely something else there that I can't quite pick out. Thank you for the answer, though

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