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Hi all, uh I'm really new to this so please don't judge.
I was with my ex for a year and a half, he was emotionally abusive and killed my cat and stole my car when we split up, them spent all his savings on meth.
But between the bad times he was the best daddy I ever had, he knew what I wanted and needed and knew how I liked to be talked to and could tell when I was upset or something. He just wasn't as great as a bf because he had health issues and chose drugs instead of fixing them...

So after the split I stayed with my Irish friend and we got really close, he's shorter and skinnier than I'm used to and quite 'soft' I guess you'd say, but he's really sweet and we seem to be almost the same person.
We Finnish each other's sentences, eat the same foods, like that same cars and have the same interests.
But he's really quite submissive... And hasn't got a clue about being a daddy, he thinks my littlespace is intimate and no matter how often I tell him it's not he doesn't listen. And I could send 1000 links to websites or forums or FB pages or insta pages with tips but he doesn't seem to want to or care, he just thinks it's important in bed.

But then expects me to be really happy and cuddly and affectionate all the time when I'm not even getting the affection I want or need :>.<:

My bf and I have fought about my ex and if I ever talked to him again my bf would leave me and either hand himself in to immigration or kill himself, leaving me with his dog and the burden of his destruction, but he expects me to move to Ireland from Australia for at least 3 years with my dog and his, and that's terrifying. Not to mention what if he got picked up by immigration first or gives up anyway and kills himself...
I'm yet to get a passport still and vaccinate my dog, and get my license so I'm really stuck and he's putting alot of pressure on me to Remember and do it, not offering to help or do any of it for me, like it's a test

Whereas my ex just wants me to find a house and keep up at work and get my Ls and be housemates and ddlg till were both doing ok and are healthy then maybe rethink our friendship to more
Oh I'm so so stuck and scared I just don't know what to do, my life's been a mess since mum kicked me out when I was 3, dad's a meth head so can't ask him for help and when my grandparents died my brothers stole my inheritance and my puppy and ran to Melbourne. I'm stuck on my own :>.<:

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