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By oniisgaming
I find it very hard to make friends in my area usually due to the fact I inc=voluntarily regress when I'm anxious or if I am just having fun and comfortable with the person or whats going on. This has caused friends to view me very differently and altogether stop being my friend... I really want to make little friends but seem to never find any in my area that I get along with or don't try to sexualize the littelsapce ... any advice or support would be great
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By Moondust
I know in my case I do it around my nieces and nephews all the time and when I am in a either really uncomfortable or in a safe space. If out in public I have to calm myself or go to a quite space away from others for a minute to regain control. You might have to train yourself like I do to recognize it before you get to the point of no return as I call it. lol Also talking in main chat with others may help a lot of us are like you and have the same problems day in and out.
I've trained myself to kinda get myself out of a little headspace when I am in public but I can never truly be fully big once I slipped so I tend to get in this almost middle headspace where I sometimes will have a softer tone of voice, I'll still fudge words and say more babish versions of it and I am like an ADHD squirrel on crack anything cute, soft, fluffy or childish grabs my attention and I have to reign myself in when I am around the types of friends who don't understand.

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