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About 3 1/2 months ago, I finally found dominants I felt I could trust. My Sir and Ma'am are my disciplinarians. They give me rules and help me make decisions. They punish me when I mess up and break the rules. It really helps me. They already treat me like their kid in some ways but I haven't told them I am a little and not just a submissive. I really want to tell them but how should I do it? I've never told anyone before. But since my Sir and my Ma'am have been in my life, I am finding it hard to not be in little space and be a big girl. I feel safe with them so it makes me almost slip completely into little space. Help! Anyone have any advice on how best to approach the subject?
I would start by asking them questions about what they think of the whole little idea and then if that goes well then come clean. I am sure once you all start talking about littles they are going to ask you why you are asking but most cgs can spot us once they get to know us. I am sure they know more than you think and that is why they treat you as a little in ways.
Hi!!! I want to say thank you to @Moondust and @SecretDezires for the great help! I took your advice and finally admitted to my Sir and Ma'am that I am a little! Guess what?! They already had a clue just like you said. Also, they were accepting of that side of myself and are helping me learn to balance big me and little me. It turns out that their other sub is actually a little/middle too. Only her younger side is much older than mine. Her younger side is a teenager while mine is much littler at about 5 or 6 most of the time although I can sometimes be more like 3 or 4 at times. I justed wanted to say thank you so much and to update anyone that might ve wondering how things went. I is a happy girl that is loved and cared for now! :stuffie:
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