Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By Mousekers
Game Scenario

Pick whoever you want to take with you.

Where do you go first?
What kind of things do you do?
How good are the food options?
When would you go?
Why did you choose what you did? (optional).

My Entree (this is a free for all, no judging or anything).

:pheart: I would pick some of my stuffed animals and my niece.
:pheart: We'd go to the Aquarium first, so I can see all the sea life and mermaids. I'm really interested in Marine Biology and Aquatics (not in a big hobby/lifestyle way though).
:pheart: I don't really know what they have at these places exactly but (almost)any rides they may have and all the creative informational places, especially the spacewalk and shuttle thing they have, a plus if they have a station where you can pretend to be a scientist or Astrologer, and swim with the water creatures(do they just have sea life?).
:pheart: The food choices are great, limitless, and all-inclusive. they have the best ice cream, and they even have tacos and sushi.
:pheart: On my upcoming birthday.
:pheart: My stuffed animals are sorta all I have and I love my niece, and I really want to go to a place like this so I figured it'd be fun. Ice cream, tacos, and sushi are some of my favorites.

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