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By stitch5
Has anyone ever tried baby food if so is it good and what did you try?
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By Ale
I don't know if is this, but i very, very like biscuits with form of some animals:3 i eat them at breakfast, and my breakfast is more funny, eheh^w^
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By LilBitOfHalloween
Banana baby food is good. Pumpkin banana is really really good. :eat: It comes in a pouch too which is convenient. I always keep that in the house. I've tried other flavors but they don't taste good. I gave up forcing myself to eat them and now I just get what I like.

I buy it on Amazon Fresh if you're looking for it. Most baby-marketed snacks, those little crispy organic eats, aren't very good. Too expensive and bad tasting. But tater tots, smiley fries, vegan chicken nuggets, veggies to dip in vegan ranch, peanut butter and jelly, vegan grilled cheese, fresh fruit, applesauce, vegan jello. All kids-oriented foods are my go-to.
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By anniesdreaming
Most baby food if it is fruits or vegetables(not the meat or dinner mixes) are pureed versions of that particular item or mix of items without any additional sugars or salts. So they can be a bit more bland, but if there are fruits or veggies that you like you might enjoy them. It wont hurt to try them, who knows you might find a new favorite snack! :eat: :hugs:

marryy wrote: 3 months ago By the way, if you are interested in the topic of motherhood, you might be interested in learning about "twin pregnancy hcg"
This response kinda comes out of nowhere in my opinion, as I can't find anywhere in the original post where the poster even hinted that he was interested in the topic of motherhood or pregnancy symptoms. If this is something that you are interested in and want to discuss you would have better luck creating your own post about it in the "Off-topic Discussion" section of the forums as the description for that section is "everyday life talk, discuss careers, general life experiences, hot news, interesting information, and other topics that simply don't really relate to the Caregiver/little subject." Just be careful to read the rules on what you are allowed to post as links to outside websites are frequently not allowed unless stated otherwise.

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