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I'm a middle/liddle/switch, I can kind of can control it because I had to learn to to stay safe. I'm also mostly gay, so it's going to be harder for me to find any partner, but anyways...

How do I know a caregiver won't abuse my mind and feelings? My whole life people have taken advantage of me because when I was young, I didn't have the nerve to make them back off unless they were physically violent boys (cause you're not supposed to hit girls, even when they're twice your size and hitting you), but if they were psychologically violent, I just took it, now the persona I have I call "the lookout" is always watching, and will call the adult whenever needed to keep me semi-safe, but I hate having to act like an adult because when I was a kid I loved life, and my adult ego does not, to say the least.
I've never had any kind of romantic relationships, and my only friendship growing up was abusive psychologically, my whole family is intermittently psychologically abusive, and I'm financially dependent on them. My liddle side is full of love, joy, warmth, kindness, and a 50/5 or so mix of masculinity and femininity. I always tried to talk scientifically, so if this post feels to adult, for a liddle, sorry, I was told my papers in high school must have been plagiarized because they sounded too professional. Anyways, I don't know how to find the right guy.
I want someone who accepts my liddleness, accepts my competence in the projects I do, lets me figure things out without too much help, and supports me financially all without manipulating me or hurting my feelings on purpose. I want to be financially semi-dependent, I don't want to have to rely on them for money to survive, but I prefer too. I feel like I ask too much, like I want to be a male liddle housewife kind of.
My post in the personals by littles section had only one reply in three months, and the person deleted there account before I could reply.
little's, liddle's, switches, etc, what are you're signs a caregiver is safe, and caregivers what are your tips for me?
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Here's another forum post several of us have contributed to to help someone get started in a CGL relationship and it has several spots talking about red flags that will help you spot an abuser before getting into that relationship.
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