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Please use the Introductions area only to tell us about yourself.
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Do not post a personal, match-making, or "looking for a special someone" ad in the introductions section! Please post all dating ads on the DateCGL community dating site.

Your "introduction" post will be denied if you choose to
tell us what relationship you are looking for or what type
of person you want to connect with using our community.

Your relationship status
does not define you or
tell us about yourself.

Our community is much more than just dating and romantic compatibility,
and you are much more than your relationship desires.

 ! Message from: admin
We take privacy and security very seriously here due to the nature of the community subject, potential misunderstandings that may attract people who need to be reported to police officials (which, we do our due diligence and report suspicious persons to the authorities for their review and potential investigation if they deem necessary), and age requirement connected to some legalities. The generalized introduction requirement for the site is a small effort in attempting to deter abusers from making multiple accounts and harassing another member. Every account on this site at this point is required to make an introduction using our clearly outlined requirements of providing some personal details (but not necessarily private details) that mimic the societal acceptable behavior of introducing oneself to a group of new friends, classmates, or coworkers.

In an introduction we are looking for you to tell us things about who you are, inside or outside of the community. A good introduction doesn't talk about how you want to meet a special-someone, a friend, or "like-minded people" here. We know we offer those things in the community and it's obvious those are the primary reasons that anyone registers an account in the community. Those things are not who you are though.

Basic tips:

  • Try to list off at least 3 different things that you like or enjoy if you can't think of what to say.
    • A minimum of 3 quick facts about you!
  • We are not a dating site. We are a community. An introduction should not describe a relationship interest/desire.
    • If you are here for match-making then please redirect yourself to our free community dating site DateCGL.
  • Remember that what you post is publicly accessible. Don't post personal details that you want to keep private.
    • We don't need to know personally-identifying information such as your real name or specific location.
  • Do not request members private message you to learn more about you. That defeats the purpose of our community introductions.
  • Talk about only yourself!
    • Refrain from talking about your biological children, partner, friends who invited you, family members who disagree with the lifestyle, etc...
  • Examples of some statement types that do not count as introducing yourself (don't bother wasting your time typing these things):
    • ...I don't know what else to say...
    • thank you for having me here...
    • ...I'm excited to be here...
    • friend told me to join this site and try it...
    • ...I want to make new friends here...
    • ...really I just want to chat here...
    • ...that's all I can say about myself right now...
    • ...if you want to know anything else then just message me...
  • Stay away from very generic statement such as:
    • ...I like reading, writing, and going online.
      • Try being more descriptive and specific: ...I also like reading science fiction, horror, and mystery novels. Dean Koontz and Stephen King are my favorite authors and have inspired me to pick up writing as a hobby and potentially a career if I'm successful in these next few years. I also like playing MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft and TERA, online when I'm not...
  • We're here as real people and do not permit roleplay characters.
    • We are not a roleplay-based site and do not welcome fictional (imaginary, invented, made up, make-believe, unreal) characters or profiles.
  • How you state the age you regress to or feel more connected with is very important to us and we will quickly reject posts that do not adhere to our standard.
*** Mentioning your desire to meet a certain type of person or find a special someone drastically increases the chances that we will reject, deny, and disapprove the post! ***
*** *** ***Your relationship status does not define who you are! *** *** ***
Example 1: (Caregiver/little and basic-life aspects)
  • Hi! I am Username123 and I'm 18 years old. I am a little and I like adult coloring books with small details, the color pink, and my big brown teddy bear named Teddy. Aside from that, I live in the Northern part of the U.S. and go to college full-time, studying in psychology. I'm always either really busy or really bored so I am a big chatter throughout the day.
    (Over 350 characters!)
Example 2: (Primarily basic-life aspects)
  • I'm Ash and live in the US. I like biking, swimming in the summer heat, kayaking, hiking when everything is in full bloom, and anything else you can imagine is related to exercise. I was even a sprinter in high school! My favorite activity is probably surfing in competitions now. I'm learning about these Caregiver/little dynamics so I'm a little clueless where or if I fit into this yet.
    (Over 375 characters!)
Example 3: (Primarily Caregiver/little aspects)
  • I have been a Caregiver for the past 6 years to a wonderful little I call mine. No, really, I call them "mine"! I started off in the LiveJournal days when ABDL was more popular but have found my way through the recent communities now. I'm genderfluid and middle age. I host a monthly Caregiver/little munch in my area. I also like feeding our goldfish (Mine always forgets to feed the fishy guy) and drinking chocolate milkshakes with my little.
    (Over 400 characters!)

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