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LittlePinUp Intro c:

Postby littlepinup » 9 months ago

Hello. c:
I'm a new little and I am about 6 or 7. My Daddy has been showing me more of the BDSM world and I have come to realize I am definitely a little. I love "kid" movies and coloring. I love to play dress up and snuggle my stuffies. :3 I'm not into binkies or diapers, but I do like sippy cups and bendy straws.
I'm here to get any advice about being a little and to help CGs. My Daddy and I are exclusive but I would love to give advice on dominating from a little's perspective.
Thank you for reading. <3

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My Daddy has said he would like me to dom him sometime. I have tried before and I did like it. Are there any other littles out there who dom sometimes? Advice?

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