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A Reminder Warning to Read Before Responding?  [Answered]

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LittleAshley supporty
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A Reminder Warning to Read Before Responding?  [Answered]

Postby LittleAshley supporty » 1 year ago

I've recently been contacted by a few people that have read my caregiver wanted, and they both have been exceedingly....sleezy and one night standish, i've had to block them and it makes me feel very insecure, upon talking to others it seems this is happening a bit to people on the site, maybe we should have some sort of tinsie warning on those forum pages that just tells people to be respectful and to pay attention to what it says the person is looking for....something to that extent, I know it may not help, but, it couldn't hurt? c:
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Re: perhaps....a small warning somewhere?

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Hi, BabyAshley:

I don't see any harm in having a warning posted to help remind people to only reply to personal ads they have actually read and are interested in pursuing. It helps everyone in the long run. The following "forum rules" warning now appears on the Looking for Little - Personals and Looking for Caregiver - Personals sections:

Be respectful and only respond to posts you have fully read!

Also, if you have interactions that you feel are sleazy and bothersome you're welcome to give us some more feedback and report those users or, if you feel comfortable, you can respectfully let the member know that their contact was inappropriate and why (hey, it's only to help them find a good match too!). You will be required to provide proof that their responding in inappropriate ways and we can certainly issue them a little reminder warning to let them know that they need to behave on the site as best as they are capable.


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