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Caregiver/little CGL dating advice

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Caregiver/little CGL dating advice

Postby KittenEva » 1 year ago

What advice would you give newer littles when they're searching for a caregiver?

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purplebunny supporty
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Re: Caregiver/little CGL dating advice

Postby purplebunny supporty » 1 year ago

I think my best advice would be to have patience, as well as know yourself and what you wan't before you get a Caregiver. I feel some people may forget that their is much more involved when meeting people than just the fact that you're both a part of the dynamic(s), so when you meet someone remember to have the patience to get to know another and grow as friends! :D

Also, I think it is really a great thing to know yourself and the interests you have in your little space, wether that be with or without a caregiver! Hope I could help :)

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