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saying hi

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saying hi

Postby babybri » 2 years ago

hi. im baby bri. im a boy when im big but Mommy has me be a pretty wittle girl baby. she sayss im so pretty in my diaper that i must of was suppose to be a girl. Mommy loves me. i been with Mommy for bout 9 years now and we been married for 7. she found out i like diapers when we was dating and found some in my drawers when she was taking care of me with the flu :oops: it was scary then but now im glad cos i dont kno that i would of been able to say it.
im in my early 30s when ima big boy. i work a high stress job and when i come home its the best when Mommy puts my didi on and i dont got no more worries. i want to make little or baby friends too tho. ive never met another but i read about some online some times. how many abdl do you think there are??

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Re: saying hi

Postby JuneStar » 2 years ago

We're glad to have you around! Feel free to be yourself with us.

Also, I have no idea how any ABDL may exist. I know I've ran into a bunch of information online about that and I think there are probably a lot more than you realize. It's just kind of one of those hidden things that people don't publicize too often.

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Re: saying hi

Postby mdlgcnfsd » 1 year ago


Welcome :!:

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Re: saying hi

Postby Princess » 1 year ago

hi and welcome!

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