New here! /-\

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New here! /-\

Postby hkls16 » 8 months ago

Hai everyone! ::3: I'm Hadara and I'm a little from New York. I'm 4-6 years old and have a daddy whom I love very, very much!

Some of my hobbies outside of the dd/lg lifestyle include drawing, singing, playing violin, reading, and eating! (hehe)

I am also a hugeee fangirl, so be warned! ;) I love Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and many, many others!

I'm hoping I can find some friends on here and also learn some more about other lifestyles similar to mine.

Bye byes! :pacy:
~Daddy's Little Princess <3~

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Re: New here! /-\

Postby Dollie » 8 months ago

Welcome! :D I love Supernatural!!

I'm sure you'll find lots of friends here, just about everyone is very nice!

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