Hey, I'm Laurieee!

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Hey, I'm Laurieee!

Postby PsychoPrincess3000z » 7 months ago

Hi, this is just a quick introduction!

I'm Laura, my friends/family have been calling me Laurieee recently and I weally like it! I'm here to make fwends and hopefully find a daddy!!

I love anime, reading, writing, poetry, drawing, singing, dancing, animals, music, colouring, playing games, dressing up and sooo much more! I love animals tooooo!!! I have a weally scary side, and I've got a bad mind sometimes but I am marching down the road to recovery so if you wanna know more PWEASE don't be scared to talk to me!!! :stuffie:

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Re: Hey, I'm Laurieee!

Postby Chi_Daddy-84 » 7 months ago

Sorry to hear you have a scary side but I think you've found a safe place where you can be you. Welcome.

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