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Non BDSM Ddlg

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Non BDSM Ddlg

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Does a Ddlg have to involve BDSM aspects?

I'm kind of torn on the subject. I once saw a group for "Gentle Daddies and Sweet Littles" who felt that they weren't involved with much BDSM as a part of their Ddlg relationship. Daddy does take on a dominant, caregiver role that would indicate that there is some level of control or, well, dominance over the little. So...maybe they don't spank or something but, really, Daddy is still more dominant over the little so it is BDSM...right?

Thoughts? Serious question.

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Magnus supporty
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Re: Non BDSM Ddlg

Postby Magnus supporty » 1 year ago

Personally i've never been into the BDSM scene. Ageplay has always struck me as more of a... shall i say "agreeable" environment? True there are spanking and things but the main just of BDSM is one partner to inflict pain and the other to enjoy it. Aside from spanking or maybe making the little forcfully go potty, i've never really seen or heard of ageplay willingly and regularly inflict pain on the little.

Seeing as i am not personally in an ABDL relationship i could be mistaken, however.

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Re: Non BDSM Ddlg

Postby dbg1919 » 1 year ago

BDSM does not always involve pain, although it typically does. In my opinion any relationship where there is a total power exchange (regardless of the length of time) can be classified as BDSM. I am sure there are others who would disagree, but that is the great thing about BDSM, you can define it any way you want, and do whatever makes you happy. Don't get too hung up on labels, every BDSM relationship is different. I say do what makes you and your partner happy and don't worry about the label :)
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