Toddler and Little Girl Clothing for Adults / in Adult Sizes

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Toddler and Little Girl Clothing for Adults / in Adult Sizes

Postby ollybaby » 8 months ago

I'm not sure where to post this, but I'm having a hard time finding little clothing. Like age range 4-7. I need something affordable, I'm on the low end of money right now. Any recommendations?

<3 Olly

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Re: LG clothing

Postby LikkleCub » 8 months ago

Go on Amazon that's where I find mine c: I wear a lot of tights with designs on them and skirts with the suspended straps on them. Or you can look for a lot of graphic tees with your favorite princesses and stuff on them.

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Re: LG clothing

Postby pastelpunkprettyboy » 8 months ago

:/ Anyone have any advice for LBs? All I can find is sissy stuff. v_v and that makes my dysphoria very unpleasant.

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