Guess I should make an intro

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Guess I should make an intro

Postby hbear » 1 year ago

Hello! My names Hannah.

I joined a couple weeks ago, just realized I never made an intro post! Oh No!

I'm 19, from the Midwest.

I have a very loving and caring daddy that spoils me rotten. :) But he's also very strict and enforces the rules! I only get spoiled when he feels I'm deserving of it.

I'm relatively new to the DDlg community, but I've loved it as long as I've been a part of it.

Only one person in my (real) life knows about my littleness, she's not a little just my best friend.

I NEED MORE LITTLE FRIENDS!! haha Not opposed to CG friends either, my daddy just has to approve and it HAS to be okay with your little, I don't want to cross any lines!!

I work full time, hate my job. When I'm not at work I watch TV, hang out with friends, spend time outdoors, go on random adventures. Most importantly be little. When I'm little I love coloring, using my binki or sippy, cuddling with my stuffies, being in jam jams and watching kids movies!

I think that's about the jest of what there is to know about me! Feel free to chat. :)

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Re: Guess I should make an intro

Postby Katluvzyew » 1 year ago

Heya Hanna I'm kit kat. Call me Kat .
I'm a switch CG & Little I'm more of a little then anything.
I'd love to be friends and talk
If Ud like to feel free to message or Kik me Katluvzskittlez

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