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I've been a switch as long as I've been in the BDSM community. My own daddy and I have been engaged for the past five years, and recently we decided to open up our relationship. I'm dating a friend of ours whom I've had feelings for for a very long, long time. He's felt the same way, we also have been friends for about five years, too.
I generally switch (top/dom/etc) women, not men. I'm also pansexual, so I don't have just ONE preference for who I date or sleep with of course.
I've never really been dominant with men, but I actually have been with him, and I enjoy it. However, here lately...things are getting to be more on a nuturing side of things and I'm beginning to feel like maybe I want to be his mommy? Is this possible? Is it doable? I really don't know. I just have these feelings of wanting to take care of him...and treat him like the little he wants to be...and let him call me mommy...etc etc...

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