How did you get into diapers?

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Re: How did you get into diapers?

Postby LittleNerdJosh » 3 weeks ago

Yes my connection with diapers is more emotional as well. Because I don't think I ever really wanted to get our of diapers. I thought potty training was a stupid idea.

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Re: How did you get into diapers?

Postby CanuckSwitch » 2 weeks ago

As I grew older and weaned off of diapers, I knew that I always wanted to be back in them. I didn't think of it as a kink when I was in my pre-teen years, but as something abnormal. I got caught trying to put on a diaper in my room by a younger cousin when she had (at the time) my baby cousin to visit.

Fast forward to high school ans I saved up my lunch money and bought pull-up. Even though they were really tight on me (I was a really chubby kid), I knew that diapers weren't only sensual but a sense of security and comfort.

In the past, I have bought adult diapers and went through them quickly and hope that I had more in my disposal to have more good times. As I read up on this kink, I knew that I wasn't alone and one day I will meet someone in Montreal who sharea in this interest as well. :txt:

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Re: How did you get into diapers?

Postby BabyMax » 2 weeks ago

I was bedwetter as well. I used to wear pull ups all the time at night. I remember the morning where I woke up dry for the first time. I was proud. But then later on, my parents got rid of the remaining pull ups that I didn't use.
About 2 years later, I found one of the pull ups in the basement, rather than wear it, I ripped it.
Then when I was in 5th grade, (that's when it started) I really liked wearing briefs, i tried to wear my brothers because they have cartoons on them (i wore them when they were clean). I had one pair of briefs that I never wore so I decided too. I remember when I was in pull ups, i wanted to try and poop my pants like toddler would, so I did it in my underwear. Wasn't the same.
Years after that, I started saving money to buy my own pull ups. I got the Huggies ones (the actual pull ups) realized they didn't fit. I went back and got the pull ups for big Kids with bedwetting issues. They fit perfectly. I wore those all the time until I got caught. I used to go potty in them when ever no one was around, I'd clean up, and hide the used one. Luckily no one found them. I hide them in the wall and attic. So from there on, I've been in love with wearing pull ups or diapers.

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