Best Adult Diapers for Diapered littles

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Best Adult Diapers for Diapered littles

Postby Daddyfullofhope » 5 months ago

So for all of you that have diapered littles like myself, my little is diapered 24/7 no matter what and she's perfectly okay with it, which diapers do you you use for super absorbency? Since she is always in a diaper even when I'm at work which is usually 8 hours we sometimes run into a little leak issue towards the end of that stretch since she loves her cuppies of water and tea and she doesn't want to change herself. Any suggestions on what your little wears?

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Re: Best Adult Diapers for Diapered littles

Postby PeppermintBatty » 5 months ago

I enjoy dry 24/7s for their absorbency. You can go with the fancy printed diapers from a lot of the new ABDL diaper companies, but if you're looking for a cheap workhorse diaper, you can't go wrong with dry 24/7s.

Or you could try cloth diapers. They're thirsty, but not likely as thirsty as you'd like: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7974

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Re: Best Adult Diapers for Diapered littles

Postby crinklycuddler » 3 weeks ago

I agree with the Dry 24/7 suggestion. As far as non-ABDL disposables go, those are the most economical of the super-absorbent ones. if you want something cute now and then, I highly recommend ABU Space or Little Paws - I have yet to make one of those leak, and sometimes my floods are legendary *giggle*

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