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I've only recently figured out that I'm a little, I have a friend who is a little and age regresses. They say it's fun and makes them feel safe but the thought of it scares me. Could it be because of things that happened to me in my childhood? I've even listened to guide meditation and hypnosis and I always feel heavy or light or even both at the same time, always brought to the brink of crying and even a small panic attack. I dont know what to do but I feel like I'm a failure of a little for not being able to age regress... advice would be helpful
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By admin
You’re probably just concerned that you’d be, in some way, out of control of yourself. That doesn’t happen though. Regression isn’t an out of body experience or a change in cognitive capabilities. Anyone claiming otherwise is either fibbing to you or is talking about a mental illness—not being a little.
Being little and expressing your regression, even frequently, won’t wipe away your maturity and capabilities as an adult. You are always still yourself, even when “the most” expressive. The experience of immersed regression (which is absolutely not required—many Littles never feel “immersed” into regression) doesn’t erase the learned capabilities of the adult. That’s the point we’re trying to make by educating that being a little is a personality trait—a part of who you naturally are as an individual. Nothing really changes during regression because regression means expressing those childlike feelings you may otherwise buffer due to adult expectations, responsibilities, or discomfort/stress.

The hypnosis, regression therapy claims are absolutely considered pseudoscience. Its unreliable, undocumented in an ethical way that’s replicable, and even mocked by the mental health field. Put that stuff out of your head, please!

You don’t need to enter some magical state. Being a little is not about having certain experiences. Regression fluctuates and isn’t an on/off mood either.

Littles are always little. Regression (aka “littlespace”) is the external expression of their feelings, mood, and nature of interests in younger-defined actions, reactions, and preferences. It is a personality trait meaning that it is always present even if being restricted, even if intentionally being reduced as to not express it so much.

Regression (aka “littlespace”) is also not necessarily an experience or change of state in thinking, acting, or even feeling. Regression can be a reaction, where regression is more obviously unfiltered due to a person having determined social acceptance, but “a little” is a personality in itself though, where thoughts, inclinations, and feelings to gravitate to that of a younger mental age are present as an underlying constant. A little is a little because they have some level of perpetual regression by personality. It isn’t typical so can be an abstract concept.

“Being in littlespace” is the same as “being regressed”. When those statements are made the speaker is meaning that they are more consciously aware of their draw toward regressive behaviors and stunted interests. It may feel more obvious or stronger in intensity than before the individual became aware. Awareness, or lack of, doesn’t necessarily mean what is occurring now was not previously occurring.

I believe you’d benefit greatly through our free resources available. Please take time to read through what’s available. I feel like your friend may have miscommunicated or is misunderstanding as well, setting you up to believe you should be having separated experiences when that’s quite far from the truth.

If you feel like you’ve experienced childhood trauma then it’s worth seeing a licensed therapist about. Your mental health and wellness is important. Regressing isn’t a form of therapy or a safe “coping mechanism” so please don’t think you can resolve trauma through believing you’re experiencing something out of body. If you feel like you're holding onto something negative then speak to someone licensed to treat your mind.
Just like sometimes you're not able to let go of an anxious thought, or a feeling of tension, or any feeling really, as an adult, sometimes you're also not able to relax fully and enjoy your regression. It's not a trance or some kind of altered state of being, it's a collection of actions that helps you feel more comfortable. I assure you, you're not faking regression. I myself have a hard time regressing most of the time!

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