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Don't want to be banned?
Read on about an extremely important rule!

A part of our registration agreement and Terms of use requires you to report any user you encounter that states they are under the biological age of 18, regardless of what excuse they may provide as to why they think they are allowed on this site. It is mandatory that you report these incidences.

Nobody under the biological age of 18 is permitted on Littlespace Online.
This is not strictly just a legal rule, but this is also a general rule for the entire community. There are no exceptions to our rule.

It does not matter:

  • The member's current location
  • The member's birth location
  • The member's country of residence
  • The member's state of residence
  • The member claims to be "almost" or "about to be" 18
  • The member claims to be educationally advanced
  • The member claims they are "mature"
  • The member claims they are emancipated
  • The member claims they are only looking for friendship
  • The member claims they only want nonsexual conversation
  • The member claims they have special permission from the admin to be on the site
  • The member claims their legal guardian or parent knows about them being on these kinds of sites
  • The member begs you to make an exception or to keep it a secret
  • The member promises they have not told and will not tell anybody else
  • The member tells you they are under 18 through the chat
  • The member tells you they are under 18 through private message
  • The member tells you they are under 18 through external communication (kik, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, text message, ... )
  • You plan not to talk to them any further after learning their biological age (you must still report their account)
  • You only intend to have friendly, nonsexual conversation with the person
  • The member is your boyfriend/girlfriend/Caregiver/little/significant other/best friend/family member
  • Your age, even if you have just turned 18
  • Your current location
  • Your birth location
  • Your country of residence
  • Your state of residence
  • Any other excuse you or the member can think of in the moment of disclosure

If you are found to have not reported the person under the age of 18 at the time they disclosed it to you then you will be banned from the community as well. If you are unwilling to follow our community rules then perhaps we simply are not the right community for you at this time.

Please know that we have an age requirement rule for both legal and ethical reasons for the website. Your health and safety are one of our top priorities. We're sure you can understand, and, even if you don't, we still expect you to follow our rules. It is important to us to keep all of our members--and potentially future members--safe.
Good things come to those who wait and we gladly and warmly welcome all persons once they reach their 18th birthday.
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